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The 3rd Plenary Meeting of the ALFA project took place in Hamburg, marking a significant milestone after the completion of its first year since launch. A big thank you is extended to our project partner European Dairy Farmers for their hosting and meticulous management, ensuring the success of the event.

One year after the project’s kick-off meeting where the consortium’s 10 members first came together to conceptualize and frame actions promoting the adoption of biogas in Europe, primarily through the utilization of livestock manure, the 3rd plenary, held on November 14, 2023, offered an opportunity to reflect on the progress made, assess goal achievements, and anticipate potential challenges in the project’s workflow.

The central focus of the plenary was directed towards the upcoming open call – the 1st round, which is planned to be launched by mid-December 2023. This initiative aims to facilitate the promotion and provision of services to European farmers situated in ALFA’s 6 Hubs. Farmers seeking to enter the biogas sector, enhance existing digesters, or gain knowledge on existing issues can apply to receive ALFA’s support services. In addition, The Food and Bio Cluster Denmark presented a beta version of the Decision Support Tool, a main component empowering livestock farmers to calculate the potential benefits of biogas production based on individual site characteristics, providing profitability estimates alongside social and environmental benefits.

Furthermore, the Engagement Platform is now accessible online, offering comprehensive information on successful cases of farms that operate biogas plants and other resources related to biogas production. This platform also provides an opportunity to engage in discussions with fellow farmers and biogas stakeholders through the Forum.

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