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APRE organized a capacity-building seminar in the framework of the ALFA project during the ‘Mostra Mercato Macchine Agricole 2024’ event, held in Tarquinia on the 3rd of May, and it focused on sustainable and innovative aspects of biogas. The seminar included interactive activities and expert presentations.

Presentations and Activities:

APRE’s Livia Virginia Camillo and Flaminia Rocca introduced the ALFA project, engaging the audience with questionnaires and interactive activities. They demonstrated the Decision Support Tool (DST) developed in ALFA and conducted a quiz on biogas.

Expert Speakers and Topics:

The seminar featured four speakers who discussed key topics within the biogas sector:

  • Biogas and Biomethane Production: Swedish Case Studies and Best Practices
    Lorenzo Maggioni from CNR – IIA National Center for Research presented on effective biogas and biomethane production methods in Sweden.
  • Challenges Related to Authorization Processes for Biogas Plants
    Emanuele Vicentini and Chiara Agazzi from Green Evolution Srl addressed the regulatory challenges and solutions related to biogas plant authorization.
  • Sustainability of Biogas Systems: Balancing Environmental, Energy, and Economic Perspectives with Animal Welfare
    Luca Zambelli, a sustainability consultant, discussed the various sustainability considerations of biogas systems.

Round Table Discussion:

The event concluded with a round table discussion moderated by Riccardo Coletta from APRE. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the experts.

The seminar aimed to promote knowledge exchange and capacity building in the biogas sector. APRE looks forward to supporting ALFA and the advancement of renewable energy technologies in future events.