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The CarbonNeutralLNG project targets electricity-enhanced conversion of biomass residues into CO/CO2 and subsequently into liquefied bio-methane (GreenLNG).

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SKILLBILL aims to pave the way to different forms of training and education in order to meet new skills requirements in the RES field as well as induce citizens and stakeholders to get interested or involved in RES besides the initial level of education, their working position, and their gender.

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The SEMPRE-BIO project aims to trial cost-effective biomethane production solutions to align with the European Green Deal. It seeks to lower investment and operating costs, explore new waste valorization routes, and propose alternative monetization sources like biogenic CO2 valorization and biochar commercialization.

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METHAREN is providing improvements beyond the state-of-the-art along four main axes related to: Рbiogas plant efficiency; Рflexibility and energy management for RES integration; Рthe circularity approach for sustainable production; Рinnovative business models and adapted policies.
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BIOMETHAVERSE aims to diversify biomethane production technology in Europe, enhance cost-effectiveness, and promote biomethane technology adoption. The project will showcase innovative biomethane production pathways across five European countries: France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, and Ukraine.
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This ground-breaking project aims to develop and advance technology
for biomethane production using gasification and methanation. The biomethane produced will be liquified and used for the decarbonization of long-distance road freight transport and maritime transportation.

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FlexSNG Project

The H2020 project FlexSNG, a joint EU-Canada initiative, aims to develop a flexible and cost-effective gasification process. This process produces pipeline-quality biomethane (bio-SNG), high-value biochar, and renewable heat from various low-quality biomass residues and biogenic waste feedstocks.

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BIOStar2C Project

Revision of standards for biomethane quality to ensure harmonisation of requirements for trace components at a level that enables the development of the biomethane industry

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