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The first phase of the project is dedicated to studying the local biogas markets of the target countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, and Slovakia) along with the stakeholder’s needs and successful cases of livestock farms/ biogas plants already implementing biogas solutions. Following this, the establishment of six ALFA Hubs in Belgium, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Denmark, and Spain will take place.

The Hubs will facilitate the delivery of the ALFA support measures while the ALFA Engagement Platform will provide actionable knowledge, information, and tools for supporting the uptake of biogas in livestock farming.

The second phase is the co-creation and development stage. The ALFA project will reach out to market actors and stakeholders in each region and involve them in a series of co-creation workshops aiming to co-design the ALFA support measures. Once the initial designs are formulated, the experts from the consortium will proceed with further elaborating and ultimately producing the business and tech support services, the capacity-building activities, and the awareness-raising campaigns to be tested in real-life conditions.

Next up will be the deployment and testing phase. In that phase, at least 50 biogas projects in will be supported with a mix of business, financial and technical services in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Slovakia, and Spain. Alongside the support services, the ALFA Hubs will organize a series of capacity-building activities and awareness-raising campaigns to further support the market uptake of biogas solutions in the target countries.

The insights and knowledge gained through the implementation phase will set the basis for mutual learning and good practice exchange among interested stakeholders, while a practical Replication Guide and a set of Policy Recommendations will support policymakers in improving national and EU frameworks and creating more conducive environments for biogas investments.