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Intending to support professionals in the livestock and biogas sectors, the ALFA project has initiated its Open Call, extending an invitation to projects seeking tailored support services. Whether you are involved in livestock farming, biogas solutions, or related fields, this opportunity aims to provide valuable support for the advancement of your project.

🚀 Why Consider Applying to ALFA Open Call?

1. Tailored Support Services, Without Charges

ALFA acknowledges the diversity of projects and offers personalized support services of both a business and a technical nature, all without any associated costs. Regardless of your project’s scale or stage, the assistance and guidance provided come completely free of charge.

2. Contribution to Sustainable Livestock Farming and Agriculture

In alignment with the growing emphasis on sustainability, ALFA is committed to supporting projects that contribute to sustainable practices in livestock farming and agriculture. By applying, you not only stand to benefit your project but also become part of a collective effort toward a more sustainable future.

3. Opportunity to Join the ALFA Community

Beyond the support services, ALFA fosters a community of professionals and organizations with shared interests in the livestock and biogas sectors. By participating, you gain access to networking opportunities, knowledge exchange, and potential collaborations within the ALFA community.

⏰ Application Deadline: February 16th, 2024

Time is ticking! Ensure your application reaches the ALFA consortium before the deadline on February 16th, 2024. Seize this chance to enhance your project with the support and resources that ALFA has to offer.

Learn More and Apply Now:

Join us in driving innovation and sustainability in the livestock sector!
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