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Support services

Business and Financial Support

Market research

We analyse local biogas value chains and end users to help livestock farmers and other stakeholders capitalise on market opportunities to raise their chances of successfully integrating biogas solutions.

Business Modelling & Planning

We support livestock farmers in designing or improving the business models of their biogas solutions in order to ensure profitable investments.

Access to finance support

We will help livestock farmers and stakeholders to identify suitable financing solutions (private or public) according to their specificities. Investment readiness support will also be available.

Corporate & sustainable finance

With this service we support livestock farmers and stakeholders in assessing the return of their investment in biogas solutions. We foresee two major axes: (i) assessing the financial effectiveness of the investment (NPV, IRR, ROI, etc.); (ii) sustainability evaluation using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics.

Technical Support and Consultancy

First, we will identify and assess together with the livestock farmers the tech services required to set-up and deploy (or just improve) the biogas solutions in their settings.

Services that our technical partners can provide include

  • Concept design and development for biogas systems
  • Evaluation of biogas potential based on preliminary calculations
  • Energy and environmental analyses assessing the energy and carbon footprint across the life cycle
  • Consultancy on the implementation and monitoring of biogas solutions, including operation and maintenance training
  • Biogas potential solutions assessment (e.g. direct biogas utilisation, upgrade into biomethane, cogeneration of heating and electrical energy, etc.) and the distribution routes.