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The ALFA consortium held its second plenary in Rome on 09.05.2023 and 10.05.2023, thanks to the excellent organization provided by the Italian research organization and ALFA’s partner, APRE. This event provided an opportunity for the consortium members to reflect on the progress made so far and to strategize for the next phase of the project. The event was filled with excitement as the team members discussed their achievements and prepared to unveil their upcoming projects.

The consortium is dedicated to the advancement of renewable energy uptake in the European Union, focusing on the adoption of biogas by the livestock farming industry, while the team has been working hard to ensure achieving the project’s goals within the designated time frame.

The upcoming semester promises to be a fruitful one for the consortium, as the partners gear up to announce the launch of the co-creation workshops, ALFA’s Engagement Platform, and Decision Support Tool.

The co-creation workshops aim to facilitate collaboration between different biogas stakeholders and livestock farmers from the six ALFA Hubs, allowing for the exchange of ideas, the discussion of identified obstacles, and the generation of innovative and customised solutions and measures for each of the project’s countries separately, ensuring that the project aligns with the needs of the community, making it more effective and sustainable.

The Engagement Platform is a digital platform designed to promote engagement and communication between the consortium and its stakeholders. The platform will enable stakeholders to access project updates, provide feedback, and collaborate with the consortium on various initiatives by utilizing ALFA’s project tools: the Decision Support Tool, the Biogas Forum, the Atlas Map, and the Knowledge Center

An important tool is the Decision Support Tool, which will allow livestock farmers to calculate the potential benefits of investing in biogas production based on the individual characteristics of their site. The data collection will take place as the farmers will fill in their farm information (number of animals, breeds, etc.), and the tool will estimate their profitability while at the same time, it will provide an overview of their social and environmental benefits.

Overall, ALFA’s second plenary was a success, and the consortium is excited to continue working toward the uptake of biogas in the European livestock market. By utilising, amongst others, the aforementioned tools and their dedication to the project, the consortium aims to contribute to a bright future for renewable energy in Europe.

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