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In the heart of the countryside area of Mantova, in northern Italy, where the biogas sector is most flourishing, APRE, responsible for the Italian Hub met and interviewed the Italian farmer Giulia Pincella.

Midst green pastures and grain silos, a silent revolution is underway that is redefining the face of the agricultural and livestock sector. At the center of this transformation is a young woman: Giulia Pincella, whose story of passion, commitment, and success is inspiring an entire community.

Initially inclined towards a different path, the girl soon discovered her true calling in the agricultural world and soon learned everything by watching, listening, and informing herself. While advising future aspirants to undergo specific training, she has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to learn on the job.

Giulia has currently been employed for two years in the family business, managing complex tasks that require studying and ongoing training. Since they installed the biogas plant two years ago, she took on the role of Giulia in monitoring the machine values. Thanks to Giulia, which introduced a breath of freshness, but also a greater propensity towards technology, tasks like monitoring of the plant can now be performed even on the smartphone. She is constantly updated about cows’ wellness and milk production, and about the biogas process, in real time. This allow Giulia to be rather independent in her work, especially because she refers that the plant works quite automatically. Nonetheless the maintenance of the biogas plant is taken care by a specialized technician.

She works alongside her father and is always surrounded by other male workers, nevertheless, she asserted herself firmly, anytime she felt something was not right. She explains, that although it is sometimes unpleasantly taken for granted that certain tasks are left to her as a woman, she has proven herself capable of every task entrusted to her, and her determination has allowed her to assert herself and excel in her environment and in the end managed to be trusted and respected just as much as her male co-workers.

Pincella continues, “One of the most emblematic obstacles I often have to face is the fact that suppliers and other industry operators always asked for my father, initially surprised by my presence, but then knowing me, they were amazed by my competence and dedication. I am regarded as an example also by my friends who support me and are proud of me and my journey.”

Pincella concludes: “In addition to admiration from others, I mainly derive satisfaction from my work because I am constantly learning and doing it with passion.”

The testimony of Giulia Pincella provides one more example that the agricultural and livestock sector is not a forbidden territory for women, yet it requires commitment and determination.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant change in the image of women in the agricultural sector, with more and more women making their way and becoming reference points for the community. Even on social media, several girls share their experience in country life, contributing to changing the perception of the role of women in this sector.

Pincella shares: “Women, gifted with their attention to detail and care for the surrounding environment, bring added value to the sector. Their presence is increasingly widespread, with many farms adopting innovative solutions guided by feminine sensitivity.”

Encouraging more girls to pursue scientific paths in the agricultural and livestock sector is crucial to ensure a fair and inclusive future. The words of this young woman are an encouragement to all those who aspire to realize their dreams, even when the path seems challenging, with passion, determination, and hard work, every dream is achievable.

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